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Throughout 2022, we have been engaged in long term journalistic and investigative work, and this will continue into 2023.

In spring of 2022 we produced a special print issue of Syria Notes looking at Area 55, the Coalition-controlled zone in southeast Syria that contains Rukban camp, a settlement of internally displaced people located alongside Syria’s border with Jordan.

The story of Area 55 is multifaceted and complex, and our work on this continues. Read more on the Syria Notes website. To receive print copies or PDF files of the issue, email editor@syrianotes.org.

For CIJA, the Commission for International Justice and Accountability, we once again designed and illustrated their latest annual report.

In their 2021-2022 report, CIJA update on their work investigating war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria and Iraq, and also give details of their expansion to tackle atrocity crimes in Myanmar.

For the Syrian British Consortium investigations team, we designed Arabic and English versions of their in-depth report on the Daraya massacre of 2012, as well as associated social media content, published on the tenth anniversary of the atrocity. The investigation and resulting report, A Decade after Daraya: Documenting a Massacre, was achieved with support from Center for Justice & Accountability.

The design work required careful coordination with investigators on the sensitive content of the report. In addition to presenting the results of the investigation, we coordinated interviews with some of the participating witnesses allowing them to speak about what the investigation meant to them, and with them we then arranged portrait photography sessions in their current countries of residence. Read the full Daraya massacre report on the SBC website.

Our short animation, Syrian Oral History Archive, produced for Dawlaty, was chosen for inclusion by the Manchester Animation Festival this year in their commissioned films category. Taking part in the festival was an encouraging experience, and we aim to return with more ambitious animated films in future. You can find all of our animations and videos to date on our Vimeo page.

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